Kovar Alloy

Kovar Alloy


Ratnam Steel Ltd is a distributor of Kovar Alloy in any size or form and specifications as noted below. Kovar is a Nickel-Cobalt ferrous alloy otherwise known as a Glass Sealing Alloy. Check availability with our sales department to see if Ratnam Steel Ltd can provide your Kovar Alloy metal requirement.

Approximate Chemical Composition [%]

Nickel [Ni]: 29.0
Cobalt [Co]: 17.0
Iron [Fe]: Balance
Carbon [C]: <0.01
Silicon [Si]: 0.2
Manganese [Mn]: 0.3

Forms and Shapes Available

Kovar Coils / Kovar Foils / Kovar Strips: Flat Rolled
Kovar Pipes
Kovar Powder
Kovar Round Bars / Rods
Kovar Sheets
Kovar Tubes
Kovar Wire

Known Tradenames

Alloy 29-17, Kovar Alloy, Alloy K, DILVER P, Nicoseal, Nicosel, Nilo K, Pernifer 29.18, Rodar, Telcoseal 1, FeNi29Co17, W. Nr. 1.3981, UNS-K94610