Nimonic Alloys

Nimonic Alloys


Ratnam Steel Ltd is a distributor of various Nimonic Alloy Grades and Conditions in any size and form. Nimonic Alloys ability to withstand very high temperatures, is ideal for its use in aircraft parts and in gas turbine components such as exhaust nozzles on jet engines and turbine blades, where the pressure and heat temperatures are extreme. Check availability with our sales department to see if Ratnam Steel Ltd can provide your Nimonic Alloy metal requirement.

Grades Available

Nimonic 70 Alloy
Nimonic 75 Alloy
Nimonic 80A Alloy
Nimonic 86 Alloy
Nimonic 90 Alloy
Nimonic 105 Alloy
Nimonic 115 Alloy
Nimonic C263 Alloy
Nimonic PE11 Alloy

Forms and Shapes Available

Nimonic Coils / Nimonic Foils / Nimonic Strips: Flat Rolled
Nimonic Extrusions
Nimonic Fasteners
Nimonic Fittings
Nimonic Flanges
Nimonic Forgings
Nimonic Half Oval Bars
Nimonic Half Round Bars
Nimonic Hexagonal Bars
Nimonic Mesh
Nimonic Octagonal Bars
Nimonic Pipes
Nimonic Plates
Nimonic Rectangular Flat Bars
Nimonic Round Bars
Nimonic Sheets
Nimonic Square Bars
Nimonic Threaded Bars / Rods
Nimonic Tubing
Nimonic Wire