Waspaloy Alloy

Waspaloy Alloy


Ratnam Steel Ltd is a distributor of Waspaloy Alloy form per specifications such as AMS-5706 or AMS-5707 or AMS-5708 or AMS-5709 as noted below. Waspaloy is a high strength, nickel base, precipitation hardening alloy which gains its high strength through as a result of Aluminum and Titanium  additions and through solid solution strengthening from additions of Chromium, Cobalt, and Molybdenum.  This alloy is used for critical parts requiring high strength at elevated temperatures.  Waspaloy Alloy is produced by Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) followed by Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) and/or Electroslag Remelting (ESR).

      Waspaloy Alloy is an age-hardenable austenitic nickel-based superalloy which is typically used in gas turbines, rings, shafts, rings, turbine blades and disks due to its excellent strength properties in high temperature applications.  This alloy has good corrosion resistance, as well as being relatively impervious to oxidation making it well suited for service in extreme environments. Check availability with our sales department to see if Ratnam Steel Ltd can provide your Waspaloy Alloy metal requirement.

Approximate Chemical Composition [%]

Nickel [Ni]: Balance
Chromium [Cr]: 18.00-21.00
Zirconium [Zr]: 0.02-0.12
Iron [Fe]: 2.00 max
Cobalt [Co]: 12.00-15.00
Molybdenum [Mo]: 3.50-5.00
Carbon [C]: 0.02-0.10 max
Aluminum [Al]: 1.20-1.60
Titanium [Ti]: 2.75-3.25
Copper [Cu]: 0.50 max
Sulfur [S]: 0.030 max
Manganese [Mn]: 1.00 max
Silicon [Si]: 0.75 max
Boron [B]: 0.003-0.010
Phosphorus [P]: 0.030 max

Physical Constants

Density: 0.296 lb/in³ or 8.19 g/cm³
Melting Range: 2425 °F – 2475 °F or 1330 °C – 1360 °C

Alloy Properties

~ High strength
~ Oxidation resistant

Forms and Shapes Available

Waspaloy Coils / Waspaloy Foils / Waspaloy Strips: Flat Rolled, AMS-5544
Waspaloy Extrusions *
Waspaloy Fasteners *
Waspaloy Fittings *
Waspaloy Flanges *
Waspaloy Flat Bars, AMS-5544 *
Waspaloy Flat Bars, AMS-5706 *
Waspaloy Flat Bars, AMS-5708 *
Waspaloy Forgings, AMS-5704
Waspaloy Forgings, AMS-5706
Waspaloy Half Oval Bars, AMS-5544 *
Waspaloy Half Oval Bars, AMS-5706 *
Waspaloy Half Oval Bars, AMS-5708 *
Waspaloy Half Oval Bars, AMS-5709 *
Waspaloy Half Round Bars, AMS-5706 *
Waspaloy Half Round Bars, AMS-5708 *
Waspaloy Half Round Bars, AMS-5709 *
Waspaloy Hexagonal Bars, AMS-5544 *
Waspaloy Hexagonal Bars, AMS-5706 *
Waspaloy Hexagonal Bars, AMS-5708 *
Waspaloy Hexagonal Bars, AMS-5709 *
Waspaloy Mesh, AMS-5544
Waspaloy Octagonal Bars, AMS-5544 *
Waspaloy Octagonal Bars, AMS-5706 *
Waspaloy Octagonal Bars, AMS-5708 *
Waspaloy Octagonal Bars, AMS-5709 *
Waspaloy Pipes, Seamless, AMS-5706 *
Waspaloy Pipes, Seamless, AMS-5708 *
Waspaloy Pipes, Seamless, AMS-5709 *
Waspaloy Plates, AMS-5544
Waspaloy Rings, AMS-5544
Waspaloy Rings, AMS-5706 *
Waspaloy Rings, AMS-5708 *
Waspaloy Rings, AMS-5709 *
Waspaloy Round Bars, AMS-5707 *
Waspaloy Round Bars, AMS-5709 *
Waspaloy Sheets, AMS-5544
Waspaloy Square Bars, AMS-5544 *
Waspaloy Square Bars, AMS-5706 *
Waspaloy Square Bars, AMS-5708 *
Waspaloy Square Bars, AMS-5709 *
Waspaloy Threaded Bars / Rods, AMS-5706 *
Waspaloy Threaded Bars / Rods, AMS-5708 *
Waspaloy Threaded Bars / Rods, AMS-5709 *
Waspaloy Tubes, Seamless, AMS-5706 *
Waspaloy Tubes, Seamless, AMS-5707 *
Waspaloy Tubes, Seamless, AMS-5708
Waspaloy Tubes, Seamless, AMS-5709 *
Waspaloy Tubes, Welded, AMS-5544 *
Waspaloy Wires, AWS 170
Waspaloy Wires, AMS-5706 *
Waspaloy Wires, AMS-5707 *
Waspaloy Wires, AMS-5708 Type 2 *
Waspaloy Wires, AMS-5709 *
Waspaloy Wires, AMS-5828

Known Tradenames

Allvac Waspaloy, ATI Waspaloy, Waspalloy, Waspaloy, W. Nr 2.4654, EN 2.4654, UNS-N07001