Ratnam Steel Ltd. is supplies high purity metal powders and compounds including Cadmium available in purities ranging from 99.9 percent to 99.999 percent.  Cadmium is a soft, silvery grey colored metal that is chemically similar to Zinc and Mercury.  Cadmium is a common impurity in Zinc ores and is isolated during Zinc production.  This metal has been used as a coating layer of metals for its corrosion resistance ability.  Cadmium is also used in batteries as well as a barrier to control neutrons in nuclear fission.  Check availability with our sales department to see if Ratnam Steel Ltd. can provide your Cadmium metal requirement.

Cadmium Information

Chemical Symbol: Cd
Atomic Number: 48
Atomic Weight: 112.411
Standard State: Solid at 298 K
Group in Periodic Table: 12
Group Name: None
Block in Periodic Table: D-Block
Color: Silvery Grey Metallic
Classification: Metallic


~ Cadmium is soft, ductile and malleable.
~ Corrosion resistant
~ Not flammable and is insoluble in water as a bulk metal
~ May burn and release toxic fumes in powdered form

Forms and Shapes Available

Cadmium Coils
Cadmium Foils
Cadmium Granules
Cadmium Ingots
Cadmium Lumps
Cadmium Powder
Cadmium Shots