Hastelloy Alloys

Hastelloy Alloys


Ratnam Steel is a distributor of various Hastelloy Alloy Grades and Conditions in any size or form. Hastelloy alloys are highly corrosion-resistant metal alloys and are also referred to as superalloys or high performance alloys. Electropolishing or passivation of Hastelloy alloys can improve their corrosion resistance by reversing crevice corrosion, pitting and stress corrosion cracking. Removing contaminates by passivating the surface of Hastelloy alloys may also improve the corrosion resistance which adversely affect its corrosion resistant properties. Check availability with our sales department by submitting your inquiry below to see if Ratnam Steel can provide your Hastelloy Alloy metal requirement.

Grades Available

Hastelloy B Alloy Hastelloy G3 Alloy
Hastelloy B2 Alloy Hastelloy G30 Alloy
Hastelloy B3 Alloy Hastelloy G35 Alloy
Hastelloy C2000 Alloy Hastelloy G50 Alloy
Hastelloy C22 Alloy Hastelloy H9M Alloy
Hastelloy C22HS Alloy Hastelloy Hybrid BC1 Alloy
Hastelloy C276 Alloy Hastelloy N Alloy
Hastelloy C4 Alloy Hastelloy S Alloy
Hastelloy D205 Alloy Hastelloy W Alloy
Hastelloy G2 Alloy Hastelloy X Alloy

Forms and Shapes Available

Hastelloy Coils / Hastelloy Foils / Hastelloy Strips: Flat Rolled
Hastelloy Extrusions
Hastelloy Fasteners
Hastelloy Fittings
Hastelloy Flanges
Hastelloy Forgings
Hastelloy Half Oval Bars
Hastelloy Half Round Bars
Hastelloy Hexagonal Bars
Hastelloy Mesh
Hastelloy Octagonal Bars
Hastelloy Pipes
Hastelloy Plates
Hastelloy Rectangular Flat Bars
Hastelloy Round Bars
Hastelloy Sheets
Hastelloy Square Bars
Hastelloy Threaded Bars / Rods
Hastelloy Tubing
Hastelloy Wire