Haynes Alloys

Haynes Alloys


Ratnam Steel a distributor of various Haynes Alloy Grades and Conditions in any size or form. Check availability with our sales department by submitting your inquiry below to see if Ratnam Steel can provide your Haynes Alloy metal requirement.

Grades Available

Haynes 25 Alloy Haynes 625 Alloy
Haynes 75 Alloy Haynes 625SQ Alloy
Haynes 188 Alloy Haynes 6B Alloy
Haynes 214 Alloy Haynes 718 Alloy
Haynes 230 Alloy Haynes C263 Alloy
Haynes 242 Alloy Haynes HR-120 Alloy
Haynes 263 Alloy Haynes HR-160 Alloy
Haynes 282 Alloy Haynes R41 Alloy
Haynes 556 Alloy Haynes Ti-3Al-2.5V Alloy
Haynes 617 Alloy Haynes X750 Alloy

Forms and Shapes Available

Haynes Coils / Haynes Foils / Haynes Strips: Flat Rolled
Haynes Extrusions
Haynes Fasteners
Haynes Fittings
Haynes Flanges
Haynes Forgings
Haynes Half Oval Bars
Haynes Half Round Bars
Haynes Hexagonal Bars
Haynes Mesh
Haynes Octagonal Bars
Haynes Pipes
Haynes Plates
Haynes Rectangular Flat Bars
Haynes Sheets
Haynes Square Bars
Haynes Threaded Bars / Rods
Haynes Tubing
Haynes Wire