Maraging Alloys

Maraging Alloys


Ratnam Steel is a distributor of various Maraging Alloy Grades in any size or form. Maraging steels are iron alloy steels known for possessing superior strength and toughness without losing malleability. Maraging Alloys are a special class of low carbon ultra-high-strength steels which derive their strength from precipitation of inter-metallic compounds. Due to the low carbon content, Maraging alloys have good machinability and due to the high alloy content these steels have high hardenability and with very stable properties, even after overaging due to excessive temperature, only soften slightly. Maraging alloys are suitable for gas centrifuges and engine components, such as gears, crankshafts, and firing pins of automatic weapons that cycle from hot to cool repeatedly while under substantial load. Check availability with our sales department by submitting inquiry below to see if Ratnam Steel can provide your Maraging Alloy metal requirement.

Grades Available

Maraging 250
Maraging 300
Maraging 350
Maraging 362
Maraging 956

Forms and Shapes Available

Maraging Coil / Maraging Foil / Maraging Strip: Flat Rolled
Maraging Extrusions
Maraging Fasteners
Maraging Flanges
Maraging Fittings
Maraging Forgings
Maraging Half Oval Bars
Maraging Half Round Bars
Maraging Hexagonal Bars
Maraging Octagonal Bars
Maraging Pipes
Maraging Rectangular Flat Bars
Maraging Square Bars
Maraging Threaded Bars / Rods