Brass Alloys

Brass Alloys


Ratnam Steel inventory consists of various Brass Alloy Grades and Tempers in any size or form. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc which the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses with varying properties. By varying the proportions of copper and zinc, the properties of the brass can be changed which will allow for hard and soft brasses. Brass has a higher malleability than bronze or zinc.

      Due to its bright gold-like appearance, brass is greatly used for decoration purposes as well as for applications where low friction is required such as locks, doorknobs, bearings, gears, ammunition casings, valves and zippers. Brass is also used for plumbing and electrical applications as well as being widely used in musical instruments for its acoustic properties such as trumpets, trombones, tubas, french horns, saxophones, drum cymbals, and bells. Check availability with our sales department to see if Ratnam Steel can provide your Brass metal requirement.

Grades Available

C23000 Red Brass, 85%, CDA230 C33000 Low Leaded Brass, CDA330
C26000 Cartridge Brass, CDA260 C33500 Low Leaded Brass, CDA335
C26200 Brass, CDA262 C34200 High Leaded Brass, CDA342 **
C26800 Yellow Brass, 66%, CDA268 C35300 High Leaded Brass, CDA353
C27000 Yellow Brass, 65%, CDA270 C36000 Free Cutting Brass, CDA360
C27200 Brass, CDA272 C36500 Muntz Metal, CDA365
C27400 Yellow Brass, 63%, CDA274 C44300 Admiralty Brass, CDA443
C28000 Muntz Metal, 60%, CDA280 C46400 Naval Brass, CDA464
C31400 Leaded Bronze, CDA314 C48200 Naval Brass, CDA482
C32000 Leaded Red Brass, CDA320 C48500 Naval Brass, CDA485

Forms and Shapes Available

Brass Coils / Brass Foils / Brass Strips: Flat Rolled
Brass Extrusions
Brass Fasteners
Brass Fittings
Brass Rectangular Flat Bars
Brass Half Oval Bars
Brass Half Round Bars
Brass Hexagonal Bars
Brass Mesh
Brass Octagonal Bars
Brass Pipes
Brass Plates
Brass Round Bars
Brass Sheets
Brass Square Bars
Brass Threaded Bars / Rods
Brass Tubing
Brass Wire
Brass Tubing: Coiled, Straight; Round; Rectangular; Shaped
Wire: Round
Wire: Shaped
Wire: Square